Robyn Greer  


Robyn is a mother, athlete, and entrepreneur at heart. She has been in the industry for more than 25 years. Robyn started as an assistant and quickly became an entrepreneur opening her own salon 'Hair on a Square', in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh in 1997 when she was just 27 years old. Robyn quickly created a name for herself and provided a platform a number of local great stylists. Over the years Robyn has BLOOMED and has become a household name in the Pittsburgh area. After the passing of her son Trevor James Greer in 2007, Robyn took some time away from her passion to heal and REINVENT herself. In 2010, Robyn re-opened her salon on the Northside of Pittsburgh, 'The Trevor James Experience' in honor of her son. In 2013, the salon took a life of its' own. Robyn started to add a number of new services and became one of the first black stylists in the city of Pittsburgh to offer semi-permanent lash extensions. 

It was during this time that Robyn began to write about her journey. Robyn's first book 'INFECTED' by Life was published and released in 2017 and shortly thereafter she became an award-winning author. Still trying to break barrier and stigmas in the industry, Robyn created her own hair care line, Bloom All Natural and Organic Hair Restoration System, which was the blueprint for the Bloom Brand. BLOOM became Robyn's way of living and thinking. Robyn lives by the motto, " you can create GROWTH out of everything you touch" and she was committed to BLOOMING in every aspect of her life. 

 Robyn being the forward-thinking person that she is, recognized how the landscape was changing in the industry and she wanted to plan for the future. Her vision was to create a mentoring/teaching program and in 2018, Robyn was presented with that opportunity. BLOOM Salon by Trevor James Experience was created. The BLOOM Salon offered industry specific classes which brought in young, up and coming stylists from around the city. It was the place to meet, network, and learn.  

Robyn is continuing to BLOOM. She is now in the works of another great joint-venture and will become a part of community development known as The Jasmine House which will be the home of her new salon and education center. The Jasmine House will create a place for autistic and mental health patients, and will provide a place for the community to come and receives and access resources. Robyn has a passion for giving back to her community. She is actively BLOOMING an outreach program that includes feeding the homeless and less fortunate in the Pittsburgh area known affectionately as FEED THE STREETS.


Robyn continues to REINVENT herself and encourages others to do the same. You cannot BLOOM if you do not GROW. For Robyn, BLOOM is a lifestyle that grew into a brand.

Remember, it's always BLOOMING season!

Robyn Greer - Mother, Author, Stylist, Mentor, Entrepreneur and Certified Nutrition Coach